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Use of Ex'i' Certified Transmitter Without Isolating IS Barriers
Can Ex'i' certified transmitters be used in zone 2 without applying IS philosophy?
By Mohan Jayaraj on 23 April, 2016 - 1:59 am

I want to know whether Ex'i' certified transmitters can be used in non-hazardous area (unclassified area) without applying IS philosophy (i.e Blue cable and IS barrier)?

i.e., whether I can use Ex'i' certified transmitters in the field without IS barriers?

Is this a standard loop powered transmitter?

The answer is of course YES.
You will find that all modern transmitters are rated general purpose Nema 4, IS and explosion proof.

Therefore you can use them in general purpose areas without barriers or in classified areas as IS with barriers or as explosion proof with appropriate cable and conduit methods.