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Guidelines for Posting on

Anonymity - Vendors' Posts - Employment - Buying & Selling - Off-Topic - Personal Replies - Criticism - Starting a New Thread - Thanking - English Language - Copyrights - Illegal Software Use - Students' Requests

1) Anonymously Yours

If you include your name and email address in the header of your message, we will generally contact you if we have a question about your message. The email address in the header cannot be seen by the outside world, only by the moderators. Any of the items listed below may cause us to contact you.

If you don't include your name and email address in the header of your message, so that we cannot contact you, we reserve the right to edit or drop your message if we find it inappropriate in any way. Note that some readers may view anonymous posts with suspicion or the proverbial grain of salt, depending on the subject.

2) If you're a vendor or work for a vendor... does not post unsolicited product announcements.

When replying to a thread, if you feel your company has a product that may solve the problem at hand, supply basic technological information. Do not use flattering, promotional language about the product (e.g., "the best solution", "great performance", etc.), and do not discuss pricing issues unless specifically asked to.

Do give your company's website (and/or an email or phone number) so that individuals may follow up if they choose to.

3) Need a job or want a job?

Sorry, but we currently do not allow job postings or requests for employment.

4) Items to Sell or to Buy

Currently, doesn't allow buying and selling items via our forum. If you are looking for something in particular, such as an item of used equipment, you might word your post to ask for recommendations on reputable vendors of such items. Note that some of our readers have recommended EBay.

Please do not post message about products you want to sell, new or used.

5) Off-topic posts

Our forum's general subject is industrial automation and control. Please, no posts about anything but the subject being discussed.

6) Personal Replies

If a writer has provided an email address, you may contact them directly unless you want your reply to be seen by the entire Forum because of additional questions or comments. Typical situation: they're offering a document, program, or other information and all you want is a copy -- go ahead and contact the writer directly.

7) Wanna tell someone off? (Criticism)

If you disagree with a writer, please keep your criticism aimed at the ideas and technologies being discussed, not the individual, and keep it friendly. Your criticism should include technological examples where possible; "I don't like that product" is not enough. Comments we feel are personal or insulting will not be posted; obscene language will be removed.

8) Start a new thread!

If you're reading an existing discussion and have a new question, only partly related to the discussion at hand, please feel free to start a new thread. Go to

9) Thank you kindly!

It's a wonderfully human thing to be thankful for good help received in the forum. However, due to space considerations, please make only one post in a thread to do so and thank everyone you feel deserves it at once. An exception might be if you have additional, individual comments or questions about various people's contributions to your problem.

Also, feel free to use the Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down icons by each post to express your opinion of how helpful a post is to a discussion. Note that you must be logged in as a member in order for your vote to register. (Membership is free.)

10) English please!

We want our forum to be readable to a wide range of people around the globe. We may contact you for a translation if you post in another language.

11) Uh-oh, Copyrights

We cannot post copyrighted material outside of a very brief excerpt if there is no notice of permission to reprint, per the principle of Fair Use. If the document is online and is available to all, please supply its name and its URL. If the document is only available via a paid support contract, you may refer to it by name only and be sure to state where it comes from.

If you want to learn more about Fair Use, see these links: 10 Big Myths about copyright explained or the EFF Fair Use FAQ

12) Illegal Software Use and Promotion

We do not allow posts that suggest solutions to problems that involve copyright infringement or any other illegal activity.

13) Student Projects

Please ask detailed technical questions about problems you are working on. Give as many details as possible.

Do not submit general questions asking for the answer to a test question or homework problem, or ideas for projects. Your question may be ignored by other site users if it appears that you want someone else to do work for which you will get credit or that you are simply submitting a question from an exam or homework assignment verbatim. Some common student questions are already on the site, such as the Elevator (Lift) and Traffic Lights programming problems -- search first!

Still have questions?

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